Thursday, December 07, 2006

Anything You Can Sell, My Friend Can Sell Better
What if the media you want finds you?

Most people "look" for music and video. They go to well marketed content agregation sites like iTunes or Amazon. The employ search engines like Google and Yahoo. A good bit of the time they find what they are looking for....that is if they actually know what they are looking for.

But they are starting to learn better ways to find media. They surf over to MySpace or YouTube to see what others like minded people are listening to or watching. They may even get some recommendations and links to content in their email from friends and coworkers.

This is Superdistribution at work, where content finds you, because your friends and coworkers sometimes know more about what you like than you do. And even if you occasionally get something from a friend that you don't like, you have at least been exposed to it. So it follows that if you want to sell things digitally, you ought to have a way to support and monetize this type of economic engine...human beings recommending and distributing things to other human beings.

The problem for content sellers is that most ecommerce systems to do not support this type of distribution. For it to work, the payment system needs to travel with the content and it needs to provide a tracking and audit system for keeping up with all this wonderful duplication and sharing. It needs to be guaranteed to play, nomatter whether the specific file type is supported by the users computer, phone or player. And most importantly, it needs to be easy for anyone to package and post media to any website, place it in a P2P network, send it by email or IM, or just burn it to a CD/DVD.

Call me up and I'll show you a system that does just that. Better yet, I'll show your friends who can then show'll always trust their judgement better than anyone else.


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