Wednesday, March 15, 2006

"Delivering" Marketing Power

Thanks to everyone who has contacted us regarding our new patent. We have endeavored to build and protect the necessary technologies to make superdistribution a reality...and we just got a lot closer to our goal.

"Delivering Electronic Content" is a critical piece because it gives content owners powerful control over how their products enter the market. Instead of having to rely on centralized distribution entities, which necessarily have to be fueled by massive marketing efforts, content owners can surgically place their distribution points in locations that exactly match their target markets' demographics/psychographics. And by placing these distribution points at a range of sites that match the target, the content owner is DECENTRALIZING distribution from the get go.

You combine this capability with the ability to superdistribute the acquired content, track and monetize it, and you can control your products destiny in a manner not yet seen in Internet digital distribution. Imagine, if you will, buying a product immediately from an advertisement on TV, and it be delivered into your living room instantly. Of course this is not possible with physical goods, (although you can get the digital catalogue), in the digital goods realm, its now a reality.

We look forward to working with you on your creative ideas on the many ways to use this cool new technology.