Monday, August 20, 2007

Now You Can Seed Superdistribution with Content Served Directly from Search Results and Online Advertising

We have always thought our ContentDeliveryADs technology would be a great way for content owners to take control of the marketing of their own brands....but we could not talk about it much. Now that we have received a patent on it...we can talk about it.

DigitalContainers’ patented ContentDeliveryADs advertising technology in combination with search technology such as Google allows for the discovery and retrieval of all content DIRECTLY from search results, online banner ads, links in email and RSS feeds. Content can be advertised on highly targeted websites or in search result ads that have the capability of delivering the content instantly FROM THE AD OR SEARCH RESULT ITSELF.

This allows users of the Internet to find the content they want in the way they are already finding information…by searching for it. This also allows content to be matched to a variety of user’s preferences and search terms, creating an instant market for almost any type of content. This direct connection between desire, search results and fulfillment of content opens up a variety of new marketing opportunities for sellers of digital and physical goods.

The content retrieved in this manner is delivered in a DigitalContainer. In the PHYSICAL world every commerce system uses containers for selling and distributing products. Nearly every product is boxed for delivery. This is basically what DigitalContainers does...and much more. DCI’s technologies allow a single file or object to have an onboard advertising and e-commerce system to travel with the digital goods. This file oriented ecommerce system’s capabilities include persistent tracking and authentication, a payment gateway and a catalog with a shopping cart enabling content owners to sell digital AND physical goods. It creates an entirely new content distribution infrastructure... secure content files in distributed networks. In the same way websites are currently being monetized, our DigitalContainers will create revenue from FILE OR OBJECT ORIENTED ecommerce with revenue from both advertising and transactions. Each Digital Container is essentially a portable website.

Further, this system supports the PASS AROUND or Superdistribution of the DigitalContainers, such that people can use email, Instant Messaging, Peer to Peer, Social Networks or Physical Media (like CD’s) to further duplicate and distribute the digital goods.

Our other patent we got recently makes darn sure that when someone gets content in this manner that it will play securely on whatever device it lands on.