Monday, March 10, 2008

I am very excited about this. He's the best.

Tom Patterson, Internet and Security Pioneer Joins
DigitalContainers Inc. Board of Directors

March 7, 2008. DigitalContainers, Inc. the leading company in the super-distribution of valuable digital media announced today that Tom Patterson, the founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Command Information and a leading business advisor in the areas of security, technology, and governance has joined Digital Containers as member of the Board of Directors. Patterson is the well known author of Mapping Security, and a frequent speaker and guest expert in the media.

Tom has been the partner in charge of security operations for Deloitte in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, the managing director of KPMG/Bearingpoint's global managed services business, and IBM's chief strategist for electronic commerce. Tom has served as a board member for several public companies, has advised all three branches of the US Government on Internet and security policy, and is a trusted advisor to company executives across the globe. He regularly comments on security and technology issues of the day for CNBC and other major media outlets.

According to Patterson, “YouTube, MySpace and Facebook are fun, but it’s difficult for companies and individuals to receive any money for their content. DigitalContainers allows content owners to fully leverage the power of search engines, social networks, and media exchanges, while retaining control of the rights and direct access to payments.” “This changes the game in digital media by securely utilizing search and social nets, disrupting the nascent ad-based-only revenue models, and returning the value of the content to its rightful owners.” “The fact that they have granted patents covering this unique business model makes them even stronger.”


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